Welcome to "Some like it hot - A show on climate change"

"Some like it hot - A show on climate change" science, jazz, and visual language for an effective climate change communication" brings together the scientific story behind climate change and the analysis of how we can address the issue, both individually and collectively. The conference show combines striking visual prompts, scientific animations, live music and videos to create an engaging yet structured and informative communication performance. 7 live piano tracks from the soundtrack of Billy Wilder's film Some Like it Hot, which gives the show its name, and 9 other jazz classics accompany animations that show the trends in the concentrations of greenhouse gases, the temperatures of the planet, the reduction of the Arctic sea ice, etc. (14 scientific animations, all available on the web, are used). The warmth of jazz music, some well-dosed irony and the images of Marylin Monroe provide the background to understand how urgent the climate issue is, stimulate a reflection on how we deal with ecological issues in our daily lives and allow the audience to better approach climate change's crucial ethical dimension.