Some comments on 'Some like it hot' - the show

Thank you for this beautiful representation of the history of climate change. A nice and creative way to inform and to make people aware of the present situation without boring and frightening us. Congratulations for your clarity and talent in summarizing so much data in a narrative form that everyone can understand. My esteem for the patience and the profuse commitment in the dissemination of such an uncomfortable subject.
Manuela Martinuzzi, Architect - Web Designer with a green soul, from Torino,

Kind professor, we want to thank you for coming to inaugurate the fourth edition of Carpinscienza, your conference was appreciated by everyone, teachers and students, was able to attract the attention of those present, no one breathed and this was not at all obvious given that the audience was made up of many students from different schools: scientific high school, industrial technician, commercial and professional institute. A great appreciation also for the pianist Erminio Cella and the professionalism of the director Francesca Cella.
Nadia Garuti, CarpinScienza

In a historical period that is dominated by the illusion of free and easy access to knowledge, it seems to me, instead, that it is continually becoming more and more difficult to get informed and to obtain details about news, especially news that is controversial and which has “political“ repercussions. It is for this reason that I found the show of Stefano Caserini particularly valuable. He examines a crucial subject with academic rigor coupled with the light touch of an entertainer. I very much appreciated the fact that he cites his sources and provides references to texts and web sites for those who want to examine certain topics in a more thorough way. His style is clear and captivating. He employs a great number of very beautiful pictures, and for this reason the presentation is enjoyable both for those who are not well-informed about climate change as well as for those who wish to have a fuller knowledge of the topic. For music lovers and cinema goers the evening is especially enjoyable.
Isabella Porqueddu, Environmental Engineer

I found the combination of music and data quite elegant and enjoyable, for example, in the ups and downs of emissions over the years giving the idea of the very fast and unstoppable growth of emissions.
I also found very effective the use of colors that are much more immediate than graphs with x- and y-coordinates for those who are not used to reading graphs. I also appreciated the use of several books as well as philosophical stimuli.
Sergio Fedele, Cooperativa

I have really enjoyed the show and I think it would be ideal for the students at the high school where I teach. I have already suggested the school administration to schedule it among next school year extra-curricular activities. I particularly appreciated the idea of combining distressing images with hopeful, light-hearted music....
Thank you!
Rosina Ruatti, Insegnante IISS GALILEI Bolzano

A successful effort that tackles seriously and scientifically the issue of alarming climate change without omitting the correct tone of irony that helps one to think about the consequences of this phenomenon. Jazz music, a multimedia approach and understandable precise language make the show enjoyable notwithstanding the importance of the topic; that is why both climate experts and laymen can appreciate it.
Adriano Murachelli, President of AIAT - Environmental and Planning Engineers' Association (Associazione Ingegneri per l'Ambiente e il Territorio

“Some Like It Hot” is an engaging, pleasant and intriguing show, but, above all, it tells a story. It is indeed history, our history, that Stefano Caserini uses to lead us into that complex world called "climate change", a reality that every day unfortunately risks more and more not having its desired happy ending. Talking about climate change is always difficult, yet Caserini's irony, coupled with Erminio Cella's jazz music, is able to entertain scientific experts, to seduce those who are not versed in the topic, and finally to gather everybody together in the hope that it is still possible to do something. There is really much, and I mean really much more, to recount and relate.
Francesca Camilla Bruno, Environmental Engineer and Professional Photographer, founder of

The show “Some Like It Hot” is as effective as it is engaging while being instructive, pleasant and never banal. Climate change, global warming, problems related to it, a mind-bending future and the actions to be taken are examined with passion and precision while being accompanied by jazz music. It is a scientific dialogue with a wealth of content including art, cinema, photography, music, information and social networks. Stefano Caserini, accompanied by Erminio Cella's flawless piano with the show effectively directed by Francesca Cella, recounts in a clear, pleasant and careful way the history of our times and of what could happen if we do not change our way of life on this planet.
Fabio Cian, University Ca’ Foscari Venice

Dear Stefano, I want to thank you for Monday night's lecture, which was an extraordinary performance interweaving the (irrational) passion produced by jazz music and the (rational) spectacular nature of environmental disaster. It was a little jewel of communication that we academics should look at carefully and consider as an example to be followed in connection with the request of spreading this information that the European Community expects of every researcher and which affects the evaluation of his/her work.
It is a pity that nobody recorded it because I would listen to it one hundred more times. Thank you again.
Elio (Lello) Piazza, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano

The real fire that is warming the planet, bringing about the displacement of millions of people, damage to infrastructure and a decrease in the of income of farmers, is the scarce if not totally lacking awareness of the huge transformation we are witnessing. “Some Like It Hot“ is an attempt to raise the level of awareness by employing captivating tools: music, cinema and computer graphics admirably combined in an enjoyable, well-planned and informative theatrical production. Bad news must be reported with tact and diplomacy, which Caserini and Cella have a lot of along with passion and irony. Thanks to my work I had previously met Caserini and read his books. When I learned that he had set up the show, I had no hesitation at all in going to see it, being sure about its quality, and my trust was well placed. It is a show that is worth seeing for its contents, but, above all, it is a really beautiful show.
Giorgio Capurri, Specialist of Climate Finance

Running wild, hot jazz and the blonde bombshell Marylyn are combined to talk about the planet that is the subject of “Some Like It Hot“. The movie dates back to 1958 and in the same year David Keeling started measuring global warming. That is how the ups and downs of carbon dioxide graphs got started. A real beauty! Thanks to Caserini, who, together with the Cellas, is able to talk to us with scientific clarity, intelligence and irony about such a hot topic and to interest us in it to the point that he helps us to make choices.
Elena Bonapace, Italian Climate Network

I went to see the show 'Some Like It Hot' that was given in the Auditorium of the Politecnico di Milano. I found the show very interesting, as well as pleasant. Stefano Caserini, accompanied by the excellent pianist Erminio Cella, was able to present a scientific subject in an amusing way. The account of the history (from its origins) of the discovery of the rising atmospheric temperature was very interesting. Caserini was able to communicate in a precise and scientific manner the importance of this topic and the urgent need of global policies to stem the rise in temperature. He provided data and showed animated films that were easy to understand even for laymen. The message delivered (tempered by the fine musical repertoire alternating with Caserini's monologue) expressed concern for on-going climate changes but also optimism about possible actions that can be taken to alleviate the situation. This is definitely a show that should be presented again (particularly for young people).
Carlo Riva, Department of Electronics, Information and Bio-Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Stefano Caserini's show is instructive as well as amusing while being ethically compelling, but also educational. It treats the more and more urgent topic of climate change and provides a wealth of data, accompanying the audience into the not always easy twists and turns of scientific information with clarity and the ability to involve the listener, thanks to videos, jazz music and movie clips. Who could have imagined that an engineer, a professor at the Politecnico di Milano, could be so ironic and theatrically effective?
Matteo Reale, Business Advisor

I went to see the show 'Some Like It Hot' sometime ago. I was struck by the authors' ability to deliver in a simple and clear manner an extremely complex topic like climate change to a mixed audience including specialists and laymen. The show stamped in the memory of the audience some important information while being at the same time amusing and particularly pleasant thanks to the musical accompaniment. I hope that people who have the opportunity to attend events as impressive as this one become instrumental in spreading awareness of the topic because taking action to mitigate climate change is possible and must be done.
Maria Rosa, Government Environmental Service, Department ARPAV, Province of Treviso